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Warms immediately without preheating?  Very precise and very fast warmth?

This installation covers heating emitter can be mounted thanks to the installation frame simply in covers and walls. Pleasant warmth simply just like the light switch on, as soon as you enter the space - with the cover installation-solution this becomes possible. An ideal installation depth of 20 cms is necessary for safety reasons. Also well suitably for the fixing above compress tables. Besides, the hochfrequenten warm waves penetrate the air without them to warm up and provide so power-saving, extremely actually and accurate for warmth where it is used - with the illuminated persons, objects or materials. This happens without usually usual preheating and the costs linked with it as well as without usually usual warm losses by draft or climbing up warmth. No preheating and no postheating inevitably. By the adjustable warm area our models offer the possibility to differentiate the temperature after areas universally.

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