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Depending on the load characteristics, there are various types of dimming. With incandescent and high-voltage halogen lamps (230 V) and a conventional transformer is dimmed with phase control.
The control of a dimmer is possible in several ways. Besides the known knob modern devices can also be controlled via buttons today. In a Ferntastdimmer a short key switches the dimmer on and off, a longer sample pulse causes a change in brightness. The control by a control voltage is partly possible; in such dimmers the control input is galvanically isolated from the mains.

Dimmer in the household
  • In the living area there are dimmer in various forms
  • fixed installation in luminaires
  • for installation in elements of the electrical installation such. as switch boxes, etc.
  • for installation in modular installation distribution as a rail mounted device (REG)
  • as so-called cord dimmer lights against mobile

Not every bulb is dimmable in its luminosity. The symbol for dimming is a lying solid triangle with one or two letters below. Also dimmers are marked accordingly:

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